2024 All Sports Camp

The All Sports Camp is from July 29 to August 6.
Ages are from 5 to 13 years old. Campers must be 5 when the camp begins.
Campers will enjoy playing soccer, flag football, kickball, dodge ball, wiffle ball,
Campers will also have board games and movie time.
Campers must wear tennis shoes. (No sandals, boots, sliders, or crocs, etc)
Campers must stay in their respectable group.
No electronic (no phone, I-pads, tablets, and computers)
No toys (cars, trucks, dolls, stuffed animals, pillows, Pokémon cards, or baseball cards)
Please provide enough food for lunch and snacks.
No microwave or refrigerated food.
Concession will be available for sale. There was an increase in food items.
We have pizza and pretzels for $3.00. Chips, candy, soft drinks, and water are for $2.50. Powerade is $2.50.
Regular hours are from 8 am to 5 pm. Price is $130.00 per child.
Extended hours are from 7 am to 6 pm. Price is $160.00 per child.
No refunds after the camps begins.
Please see the registration form below:

Parent Information

Child Information

Please enter age of child by July 29,2024. We do not take requests for campers to move age groups. All campers will remain in their respective age group.

Emergency Contact Information

Please list an emergency contact other than parent. Parents will be contacted first in case of emergency.