2022 Christmas Camp

December 19-23

Ages: 5-13

Concessions will be available for sale.

Regular Hours 8am-5pm ($100)

Extended Hours 7am-6pm ($130)

Campers will enjoy  sports such as soccer, football, dodge ball, kickball, and wiffleball. Also board games and movie time.

Parents must provide lunch for kids. (No microwave or refrigerated lunches).

Please pack a snack for your child along with there lunch for snack time.

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Please enter age of child by December 19, 2022. We do not take requests for campers to move age groups. All campers will remain in their respective age group.

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Christmas Camp Dates are Dec 19 to 23. Ages are 5 to 13 years old. Prices are Regular Hour 8AM to 5PM is $100 Extended Hour 7AM to 6PM is $130 Campers will enjoy sports such as soccer, kickball, dodge ball, flag football, wiffle ball. Will also enjoy board game and movie time. Parents must provide lunch. Please NO refrigerator or microwave lunches. Please include a snack. Concession will be available for sale. No refund will be given once camp starts. Please Register Below.